Sewing a Wonderful Beach Bag and Panama Set for Girls

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Sewing a Wonderful Beach Bag and Panama Set for Girls | Livemaster - handmade

When the summer comes and it's the time for vacations, we all want to refresh our wardrobe and complement it with bright colours! Our little fashionistas are no exception! I suggest you to sew a summer set for girls, which is good for walks and going to the beach.

set accessories

You need the following materials:

- cotton fabric with multi-coloured stripes (or any bright pattern), I had a piece of 50 х 55 cm

- white cotton fabric, about 60 х 150 cm

- mixed cotton trimming for applique

- threads of the same colours

- a strip of thin chintz 8 x 60 cm, cut on the bias

- zipper length from 45 cm

- adhesive web

- vlieseline

And tools: sewing machine, scissors, ruler and measuring tape, pins and needle, a pencil or tailor's pen. For making an application, take paper coated with teflon. I use the base from self-adhesive film, the one you tear off and throw away. One side, which is plain, is smooth and the adhesive web does not stick to it.



To cut out the following details, add seam allowances:

1. Upper part — 2 pcs.

2. Lower part — 1 pc.

3. The inside (lining) — 1 pc.

4. Handles — 2 pcs.

5. One detail 5 x 7 cm, for processing the end of the zipper.

All details (except # 5) may be worked with vlieseline. Meanwhile, set them aside and take one Detail 1 — to make the applique on it.


I drew the word 'Mope' on it, which is 'Sea' in English. You can paint anything else, or write another word, your name, for example. You can either print my pattern, use the details. Cut them out.

textile bag

1. Each coloured piece of cloth needs the adhesive. To do this, cut some adhesive web and apply it to a cotton piece, put the file over and ironed a few seconds. Allow to cool a little and carefully separate the cloth from the film.

2. Then, cut out the details of the applique. Please note that the details need to be drawn flipping!

3. Lay out the composition of all the elements on the bag detail and glue, carefully ironing.

bag with applique

Sew each element with a zigzag stitch, choosing threads to match the colour.

set for girls

Overlaping details are glued and sew in the order, starting from the "bottom".

handbag for girls

Join the parts of the bag and iron the seams.

panama hats for girls

Fold the item in half, with right sides inside, stitch and iron the side seams.


1. Shape the bottom of the bag. For that, side seams are combined with the fold of the bag. Measure 4 cm from the cornerand mark a perpendicular line.

2. Stitch along the line, not forgetting the ties. Cut off, leaving a 1 cm seam allowance.

3. A bottom of 8 cm turns out.


Mark out the upper edge of the bag at the distance of 2 cm from the side seams.

fabric cotton

1.  Tack the zipper to the right side, placу with its face down, starting from the marks.

2. From the other side, turn down the zipper before the marks as pictured.

beach season

1. Sew the zipper.

2. Similarly, make the inner part of the bag: take Detail 3, sew the side seams and the process the edges, shape the bottom. Insert the ready lining inside the main blank, combine the side seams.

beach fashion

Join the parts along the upper edge, along the stitching seam, leave about 12-15 cm for turning.

beach 2017

Turn outside in.

пляж 2017

1. Put the lining inside, iron the top part of the bag.

2. Sticth the finishing seam at the upper cut of the bag, sewing up a hole for turning at the same time.

Treat the end of the zipper.

1. The 5 x 7 cm detail is folded in half, with the right sides in, sewn and ironed.

2. Put the detail on the zipper so that the seam was at the bottom.

3. Stitch and cut off the excess of the zipper.

4. Turn the detail outside in.

5. Pull the rough cut inside and sew it up.

1. Perfect the handls. Fold the details along the right side, baste and iron the seams.

2. Turn outside in and iron the handles. Open edges are tucked inside at the ends and ironed.

Find the location of the handles: it's 7 cm from the sides, and 3 cm down from the zipper.

Sew the handles to the bag — the seams are in the form of rectangles.

Admire the result!

Panama with ribbons

The printed pattern is an A4 sheet. The pattern without straps has small dotted lines.

Cut out details adding allowances for seams., transfer the marks.

Cap lining — 2 pcs.

Crown — 2 pcs with a fold.

Brim — 2 pcs with a fold, one detail is covered with vlieseline.

Additionally, cut out 2 details from striped fabric of 8 х 15 cm for straps and a strip size 6 х 70 cm for the ruffles on the brim.

1. Details of the brim are folded with the right sides, basted, cut off the allowance of the duplicated detail close to the seam, make clipping curves.

2. Turn outside in and iron.

One cut of the strip is processed with a Moscow stitch:

Step 1. Fold 0.3-0.5 cm to the back side and stitch close to the edge, cut the allowance close to the stitch.

Step 2. Fold for the second time and stitch again, right over the seam, at 0.1 cm from it.

Pin the strip over the brim, shaping folds and keeping the symmetry.

Tack and stitch the ruffles, cut off the excess of the seam allowance.

1. The crown details are folded in half, stitch the back seams.

2. Iron the allowances, insert the details one in another with right sides aligning the seams.

1. 2. The strap details are folded along with the right sides inside, stitched, corners clipped, turned outside in and ironed. If you want, make the strips longer to tie a bow.

3. Put the strips between the parts of the crown at 0.5 cm from the lower seam allowance.

Tack and stitch the cut on the crown, make clippings on the seam allowance.

Turn the crown outside in, iron the allowance.

The double detail of the bottom it tacked in the ring of the crown, combining the marks. Sew and baste the allowance.

Turn outside in to the right side, stitch the allowance, directing it to the crown.

Tack the ready brim to the crown, combining the marks.

Take a thin strip of chintz of 8 x 60 cm cut on the bias. Fold along and iron.

The head band is pinned or tacked to the brim, stitch the allowance.

Turn the head band down, iron  and cut off the excess leaving 1.5-2 cm.

1. Fold the ends inside.

2. Turn the head band down to the crown, pin or tack.

Stitch the crown pinning the head band at the same time.

Stitch along the brim and the cut fixing the ends of the head band.

Tie the ribbons and admire the result!

I hope this simple tutorial will be useful for you and you will realize the dream of your little fashionista! See you!



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