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This tutorial is dedicated to the creation of the original decorative box with a flower, which I made of waste materials. The box is created as an element of decor, but if to place there jewellery or candy, the work may well serve as a great gift for March 8 or any other holiday. You will need the ...
17.02.2019 15:49  |  
This tutorial will help you to make beautiful roses for compositions — topiary, bouquets in pots, rubber bands, hairpins, wreaths, etc. with your own hands at home. So, you will need:- 1 meter satin ribbon 5cm wide of any color (for rose petals); - green satin ribbon of 4 cm wide 24 cm long (for ...
  Legend: CS - chain stitch; SC - single crochet; R - reduction (2 SCs together); W - widening (2 SCs in one stitch); (......) n times - repeat the specified number of stitches indicated in parentheses; (= n) - number of stitches at the end of the row. Crocheting description: Crochet with color St. ...
                                                             Today we crochet hearts and see how to crochet a heart pattern in a circle . It can be a bracelet, sleeve cuffs, mittens, or hatband. You will need: - crochet hook 2 mm; - yarn (about 400m/100g) of two colors. Cast on 60 stitches in " ...
You will need the following: 1) chicken egg shells; 2) soil; 3) plant; 4) Tree branch; 5) sisal (two colors); 6) cotton wool; 7) tape (brown); 8) wire; 9) sheet of paper; 10) double-sided tape; 11) paper cup; 12) rope (jute, hemp); 13) scissors; 14) spoon for soil; 15) any decorative herbs, flowers, ...
In this tutorial, I make a necklace 36 cm long + regulatory chain 2.5 cm. But the necklace can be longer, adding to the pattern  rapport, it is easy and even a beginner can handle it. The central suspension with crystals can be replaced with a pearl teardrop shape or as you imagine. Good Luck! ...
Today I will show you a mini tutorial on embroidering roses.The ribbon can be chosen of any width, depending on how large you want a rose! The materials: satin ribbon 1.2 cm wide (or any other); gabardine fabric; hoops; scissors; needle and thread. Enjoy!
Today we will sew the purse on the clasp, a simplified method. I have embroidered gabardine fabric as a base for the purse, you can choose any other, but if it is too thin, it should be duplicated. You will need: clasp 8.5 cm wide; gabardine fabric (or any other); dublerin (if the fabric is thin); ...
We are going to sew a purse in just an hour!This is taking into account the fact that you need to draw a pattern, and those who sew well, will cope with it even faster.⠀You will need: fabric; velcro; threads, pins; scissors, soap / chalk; sewing machine. Note: everything is measured in cm.     
For those who do not know how to embroider, but really wants to please their mothers and grandmothers with a wonderful handmade gift for spring holidays, I offer a very simple thing! We will embroider... paint on glass! Or rather, create an imitation of it with the help of dot painting. You will ...
I want to share the process of sewing a warming pad with cherry seeds.  I use the following materials and tools: cotton: decorative cotton braid: padding polyester: sewing and embroidery threads: needles, scissors, cloth cutting knife: mat for cutting: rulers, pencil: tools for turning out small ...
Today I want to tell you how I embroider peony with satin ribbons.  You will need: satin ribbon of 1.2 cm, 2 cm, 4 cm wide; gabardine fabric; hoops; needle with large eye; scissors; lighter.        Making petals. Cut the tape to 6-8 cm length, I cut to a palm wide (4 fingers). The number of ...
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