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DIYs & Tutorials with scissors

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I present you a tutorial on how to create a bracelet from the paracord "Fiasko". Bracelet is very dense and voluminous. In this video, I took two paracord cords and soldered them, this is done in order to make it clear how the picture goes. It looks very impressive in a combination of ...
It was a very long and quite ambitious project. It all started with the idea of creating a handmsde desk lamp. It was a necessity. However, I did not want to make something ordinary, typical, like everybody has, and of usual materials. Therefore, design magazines and the Internet have become my true ...
My name is Olesya. If you have been with me for a long time, you have already seen how I treat nature and natural materials. I like to make simple products, using materials at hand. Spring is so fleeting that I wanted to capture a piece of nature in spring. I have wanted to make a similar panel in ...
Tutorial on making hydrangea leaves from Iranian foamiran without using special molds. Any flower or bouquet looks incomplete without leaves, and realistic greenery is a great addition to any composition. In this tutorial I will show how to make clear presswork of veins on foamiran with live leaves ...
In this tutorial, I will show you how to make a bag of an old, knitted dress. Also, how to make knitted yarn with your own hands. This idea came to me spontaneously when I started sorting out old things. For a handbag of this size, I used the entire length of the dress, which turned into a knitted ...
Geometry in decoupageWooden boxes are convenient for use and perfectly complement the decor of any apartment and cottage! Today we will decorate wooden and plywood boxes in decoupage and dot painting techniques, using geometric ornaments! Life hack: decorating two products, you will save time on the ...
  In this tutorial, I would like to show how to sew another version of a simple pencil case (or cosmetic bag) with a zipper.  The volume of a pencil case is acquired due to the side folds. This tutorial is suitable for beginners. In just one hour you can make an unusual gift to ...
This tutorial is for those who want to sew 55 buttons and make a cool game for a child! :) So, let`s start.1. Make stencils of numbers on paper. Print (pattern attached) or draw yourself. Cut. Transfer to felt and cut.It is better to take Korean hard felt 1.2 mm thick. 2. Cut out 10 circles of ...
05.05.2019 12:15  |  
In this video tutorial I will show how to make a beautiful paracord bracelet easily. This techn can also be used to create a collar or belt. To create a bracelet, you will need: paracord 2 segments of 2.7 m long and 1 segment of 1 meter long; fastex; scissors; lighter. The video begins with the ...
03.05.2019 19:42  |  
This is the second tutorial on how to make felt flowers. In this video, I show how to make flowers like asters. They are perfect for the middle of flowers in case when you mix several options of petals.I recommend soft felt for flowers. It fits better and easier to work with.You will need: felt; ...
03.05.2019 19:38  |  
This is the first out of two tutorials on how to make felt flowers. In this video, I show a basic way to make them. Based on this method, you can make flowers of different sizes, shapes of petals, as well as composite flowers.I recommend soft felt for flowers. It fits better and easier to work with ...
In the previous tutorial ( we prepared lilacs, and today I'll show you how to embroider a truss of lilacs. You will need: - gabardine fabric;  - hoops;  - scissors (tweezers); ...
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