How to Make a Wallet out of Genuine Leather

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I want to show you how to make a wallet with a convenient coins pocket.

Al tools and materials you need are below + take at least 10 square decimeters of leather:


download the pattern

Make a pattern out of paper in 1:1 scale, cut it out. Transfer the pattern on leather and get the blanks:

master class


Next, take the two pieces for the coin pocket and wet with water at the bend, then carefully bend and put under a press (I put under a stack of books) for an hour (ideally before full drying of the leather).

leather purse

Meanwhile, punch holes with a diameter of 1 mm, the distance — 5 mm.

wallet leather

Round the corners of the flap of the coin pocket — just attach a coin and cut off the excess with a knife.


Remember the flap, cut it out 2 cm x 7 cm. And take the dried details.

скачать выкройку

All is done, you're good craftsmen then. Take the large inner part of the wallet and three pockets for cards, sewn at the top ONLY.


Sew the coin pocket:

выкройка кошелька

Meanwhile, cut out a small piece for a flap 2 cm x 1 cm:

Next, apply the right side of the wallet and sew:

Make the left side:

As you can see, the flap is sewn between the layers of leather:

Set the buttons and sand the surface:

After half an hour of sanding you get a finished product:

Thank you for your attention. If you are going to use my tutorial, add the link.

How to Make a Wallet out of Download
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