How to Embroider a Snowdrop with Sequins and Beads

How to Embroider a Snowdrop with Sequins and Beads | Livemaster - handmade

I start with selecting right jewellery, pictures and patterns of snowdrops. Then drow a couple of sketches. Chose the best one and picked necessary materials. 


  • Japanese beads
  • French sequins
  • hard gold twisted thread
  • soft gold twisted thread
  • silver thread
  • silk floss
  • velvet
  • cord
  • Swarovski crystal
  • gold thread (lurex)

Transfer the patter to fabric, place the crystal:
luneville embroidery, bulk embroidery

luneville hook, embroidered brooch

It is important to determine the order of embroidery to create the necessary volume.

I start with leaves. Sew pieces of velvet and add volume with a Luneville hook. Add some hard gold twisted thread to outline the shape, decorate it with soft twisted thread. Then sew the cord and decorate the stem with hard twisted thread.

embroidery, brooch-flower

Attach the crystal and decorate it with sequins.

bead embroidery, flower

sequin embroidery, snowdrop

Take the Luneville hook and adorn the petals. First, sew add sequins of different colours around the leaves. Then embroider the inner part of the flower with silk threads. 

Make a net with golden threads and place beads in the crossings. Placed beads between sequins of the petals.


swarovski crystals

Go back to the leaves and have embroidered their edges with green silk threads.

crystals in dacs

goldwork embroidery


Tus, one can make a brooch with such a marvellous flower or decorate clothes or a handbag with it. Use your imagination!

Thank you for attention!

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