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Crafting a Plate for Wedding Rings with Your Own Hands

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Practices:   Modelling > Polymer Clay
Difficulty:   Easy
Time:   1 hour
Crafting a Plate for Wedding Rings with Your Own Hands | Livemaster - handmade

You need:
- self-solidifying polymer clay
- lace napkin
- rolling pin
- circle (diameter 12 cm) cut of dense paper
- glue
- decorative flowers
- bowl for drying
- stationery knife

 1. Work up clay into a ball and roll it out with the rolling pin to thickness of 0.7 mm.

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2. Lace napkin is placed on the rolled clay so that when cutting a circle, the pattern took about half space. Roll a few times with the rolling pin and then gently remove the napkin.

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3. Use the stationery knife to cut along the contour of the paper circle. Tthe remains of clay are used to make birds to decorate the plate.

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4. The workpiece is placed in the bowl and pressed slightly with your fingers to attain the shape of the bowl.

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5. Sculpt the birds. For that, shape a drop from a piece of clay, the widest part will be the head of the bird.

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6. Leave it to dry for a day. After that, glue the decorative elements.

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That is all!

Whish you much inspiration!

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