Weave a Summer Necklace with Flowers

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I will show you how to weave a lovely necklace with flowers. This necklace is really beautiful. Let's get started!

summer necklace

You need:

  1. Pearl beads, white, rice-shaped 16x8 mm.
  2. Gemstone beads, yellow, round, 12 mm.
  3. Turquoise beads, round, 8mm & 6mm & 4 mm.
  4. Glass beads, transparent, faceted, 6 mm.
  5. Sterling silver connecting rings.
  6. Holder.
  7. Fine seed beads.
  8. A lock.
  9. Wire.
  10. Cutters.
  11. Needle nose pliers.
  12. Round nose pliers.

netting necklace

Assembling process:

Take wire 65 cm length, pass one 12 mm yellow bead:

necklace of beads

Add beads this way:

mnogoobraznye beads

And weave:

original necklace

original gift

Repeat this three times:

beautiful necklace

Make the same flower near:

necklace colors

Complete the remaining three flowers.

Add beads:

And fix the ends:

That's all! An original necklace is made:

Thank you for attention! Good luck and much creativity!

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Aleksej 16 May


Yarmarka Masterov 16 May

Nice :)