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Notebook in Handmade Felt Cover

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Practices:   Scrapbooking
Sewing > Cutting & Sewing
Difficulty:   Easy
Time:   2 hours

This DIY will be dedicated to creating simple and practical notebook in A5 format in a felt cover.

You need:

- felt

- cardboard

- magnetic button

- a binded blank of a notebook used for scrapbooking, or any other


No pattern required. Just outline the blank on felt with 1 cm allowance from each side — see the blue lines:

The bindery cardboard is cut in a similar way, but without allowances, or even smaller — 1-2 mm less than the notebook blank.

Leave the cardboard aside.

Sew the blank to felt through the holes left after binding, carefully align the corners and sides of spine with the marking.

Felt is gently fixed from one side:

Sew the second side the same way.

Now the cover design. Sew two rectangular parts at one edge — they both are 1-2 cm less than the notebook.

Attach the magnetic button and stitch around the perimeter.

Stitch the strap details the same way.

Adde the remaining part of the magnetic button.

Now a loop for the handle. Just sew two small felt rectangles with each other.

Now, put the pocket on the cover, fold the loop, put it inside and stitch all with a П-shaped seam.

Assemble all parts together: the right side of the cover with the pocket, the inner side with the notabook blank and the strap.

Simplify it by basting all the details.

And stitch around the perimeter of the cover leaving one side free (!) — I had a front right edge of the notebook.

Tightly insert cardboard details one after another through this hole — but do not deform them, the item should open and close easily.

When all the details are inserted — stitch all for the last time.

When the perimeter is stitched, just trim the allowances close to the seam.

And the handmade notebook is ready!

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