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DIYs & Tutorials with felt

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I offer you a tutorial on creating a simple and beautiful bead brooch. We will create a brooch in the form of an ordinary bow. To embroider a brooch we will use cannetille, bicones and beads. Sew the cannetille along the contour in flat seam technique. Sew the edge of the brooch ...
Very simple butterfly bows of rep ribbons. Bows are easy to make for beginners as well. Butterfly can also be used as an interior decoration. Materials (1 bow): * rep ribbon 4 cm wide (for one butterfly you need 42 cm); * decorative middle; * wire; * beads 6 mm; * felt 2 cm: * accessories: ...
03.05.2019 19:42  |  
This is the second tutorial on how to make felt flowers. In this video, I show how to make flowers like asters. They are perfect for the middle of flowers in case when you mix several options of petals.I recommend soft felt for flowers. It fits better and easier to work with.You will need: felt; ...
03.05.2019 19:38  |  
This is the first out of two tutorials on how to make felt flowers. In this video, I show a basic way to make them. Based on this method, you can make flowers of different sizes, shapes of petals, as well as composite flowers.I recommend soft felt for flowers. It fits better and easier to work with ...
30.04.2019 16:14  |  
Jewellery and embroidery in the form of insects have become trendy recently, and it is not going to give in, so various bugs and butterflies are as relevant as ever. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to make a "Fly" brooch, which will be a bright addition to any look. For work, you ...
Video tutorial on creating Easter decor. This toy is very simple and fast to make. I use a glue gun in this project, but you can sew. It is up to you! :) You will need: - rectangle fabric (one side is twice the size of the other); - felt for rake comb, beak and wings; - rope for legs (you can do ...
The flowers are made of satin ribbon 5 cm wide. The flowers are decorated with lace and decorative middle. White color is perfect for schoolgirls. The size of the finished product: flower-Ø 8 cm, with lace-Ø 10 cm. Materials (for 1 flower): * satin ribbon 5 cm wide (1.1 m); * lace; * felt Ø4 cm (1 ...
Flowers of rep ribbon of 4 cm wide. The flower diameter is 7.5 cm. For decorating, you can use any elastic bands, clips, headbands... Beginners can do these flowers easily... You will need the following materials (for 1 flower): * rep pink ribbon of 4 cm wide (1 m); * rep pink ribbon of 4 cm wide ( ...
I made handmade flowers of cloth. It turned out a great gift for March 8. Gifts are different, but flowers on March 8 are always amazing. Fabric flowers are pretty simple to make. You will need:• cotton fabric;* burlap fabric;• satin ribbon;• sewing needle and thread;* silicone filler;• plastic ...
I'm back with a new tutorial on how to make a handmade brooch. I was asked to make a Fox. So said so done!Choose your favorite pattern, transfer it to the felt (take a harder felt, so it is easier to embroider on it). Fill the space with embroidery (I used woolen orange and brown threads). ...
A small tutorial on how to make a cute wooden brooch at home.First, we need a template for brooches, as I cannot draw well, the template will be very simple.To do this, we need a compass, pencil and thick paper. Take a compass and draw a circle, in my case, the circle turned out with a diameter of ...
To do it, you`ll need the following: handkerchief; scissors; felt; glue gun; clasp for a brooch; toothpick. Take a new handkerchief. Cut out squares of 3 x 3 cm. You will need 39 squares for a brooch 5 wide.   Take one square and fold it diagonally. Then, middle it. Glue open corners.  Begin ...
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