Assembling Tropical Bracelet Watches in the Pandora Style

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We present you a basic tutorial for beginners on how to create bracelet watches in tropical style using Pandora beads.

bracelet clock, semi-precious stones

Materials and tools:

  • watches
  • Pandora base
  • beads of mint shades
  • bales
  • pendants: hummingbirds, elephants, blooming magnolia
  • connecting rings
  • pins beads
  • pliers, side cutters and round-nose pliers

bracelet, lesson for beginners

Disassemble the Pandora base:

bracelet pandora, the author's work

Carefully join it to the watches:

bracelet with your hands, designer jewelry

And start picking beads:

watches, bijou

watch on bracelet, jewelry mk

jewelry, watch

After that, fix the ends:

non-standard lessons

All is ready!

master class

This is how it looks on the hand:

a master class in jewelry

I hope you've found inspiration here :)

Thank you for attention!

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