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DIYs & Tutorials with beads

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I offer you a tutorial on creating a simple and beautiful bead brooch. We will create a brooch in the form of an ordinary bow. To embroider a brooch we will use cannetille, bicones and beads. Sew the cannetille along the contour in flat seam technique. Sew the edge of the brooch ...
I'm sure everyone has several nice scraps of fabric that you do not want to throw away. Don't do it! You know, friends, you can make really cute things from the fabric leftovers :) for example, to sew this cool mouse :) In addition, such a mouse can be filled not only with filler, but also ...
30.04.2019 16:14  |  
Jewellery and embroidery in the form of insects have become trendy recently, and it is not going to give in, so various bugs and butterflies are as relevant as ever. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to make a "Fly" brooch, which will be a bright addition to any look. For work, you ...
In this video tutorial, I show how to create an openwork bracelet from beads, bicones. The first row is made with two needles — not everyone likes this way, but on the example of the bracelet you will see that it is easy. Working in such a technique can be twice as fast as with needle. Materials: ...
The main advantage of memory wire is that it keeps shape. Thanks to this tick, jewellery of it stay on the wrist. So, no additional locks are required. You can make a bracelet on a memory wire, using a variety of materials. For example, if you combine beads and pendants, you can get an elegant and ...
Making earrings from Baroque pearl beads and natural stones of different shapes can be an easy and quick task to do. I'm happy to show you how. I suggest using pins not less than 0,7-0,8 mm thick and the beads with hole of 1 mm. Materials you will need: pearl beads 14-15 mm with 1 mm hole; ...
Bottle decor in mix media technique. You will need: putty on glue basis or on PVA glue basis, self-hardening polymer clay (can be replaced with cold porcelain), stones, beads, various figures, acrylic paints, acrylic mother-of-pearl paints. Butterflies are made of cold porcelain with mould. I use ...
28.03.2019 09:39  |  
To surprise your daughter, make beautiful bows in kanzashi technique of rep ribbons. They are also used for other purposes — to decorate gifts. To create cute shell bows, I used the following materials: Kanzashi is Japanese art of creating flowers from pieces of linen. The ...
24.03.2019 10:23  |  
In this video, I make handmade beads. This tutorial will help amateur needlewomen to make handmade beads at home. By the same token, you will be able to make short beads necklace. This tutorial can be used to make a bracelet. To make a necklace, you will need thread and beads. To wear beads in two ...
Once again I want to show you how you can decorate any simple box with materials that we usually throw away This time I used wrapping paper for flowers and watch straps, which were useless. Flowers turned out to be very delicate of this material. They can be safely used in scrapbooking for delicate ...
In this tutorial I show how to weave an openwork bracelet of beads, beacons and several beads. The first two rows are woven with two needles — not everyone likes this weave, but on the example of the bracelet, you will see that it is not difficult. Weaving in such a technique can be twice as fast as ...
Interesting decor idea of jute rope and shells. This handmade decor can be done in a few hours and decorate the wall or hang on the door. The idea is not new, but always relevant. You will need:* jute rope 10 meters;* jute twine;* piece of wallpaper;• corrugated cardboard;• hot glue and PVA glue;* ...
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