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Making a Magnetic Mitten out of Polymer Clay

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Practices:   Handmade Jewellery > Polymer Clay & Porcelain
Difficulty:   Very easy
Time:   1 hour

The New year is coming, and I want to share a festive DIY with you! Ley's make a nice souvenir for guests — a red winter mitten magnet out of polymer clay! 

You need: 

  • polymer clay, red + white
  • knife
  • template
  • super glue
  • needle
  • toothpick
  • magnet
  • rolling pin

christmas gift

Roll red clay to 1-1,5 mm.

christmas accessory

Cut out the shape of a mitten following the template, apply a pattern with the toothpick:


Roll a small white sausage and tightly attach it to the base of the mitten.


Make it look like fur:

knitted mittens

Now roll white clay into a very thin sausage.

christmas pendant

And make a snowflake:

christmas earrings

christmas master class

Bake it in the oven!

After baking, glue the magnet.

Hooray, our New Year's souvenir is ready! To add shine, you can varnish it.

I wish you success in work and a happy New Year!

Sincerely yours,
Elena Yudina

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