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DIY on Creating a Sweet Hairpin for Wedding Hairstyles

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Practices:   Handmade Jewellery > Wire Work / Wire Wrap
Handmade Jewellery > Weaving
Difficulty:   Very easy
Time:   1 hour

Today I offer you a simple DIY on making a pin for wedding hairstyles.

You need:

- pin base

- 6mm pearls — 6 pieces

- 6х4 mm crystals — 6 pieces

- leaves findings — 3 pieces

- a glass flower bead

- two beads

- hard jewelery wire, 0.3 - 0.6 mm > 1m

If you use beads >6mm, take a thicker wire.

And take sharp cutters.

wedding jewelry

Step back from the edge of the wire about 10 cm, pick the first bead (on the top branch). Hold the wire as in pic.1 and rotate it around its axis until the wire is twisted. It's easier to do it if a bead is on the wire.

Pick the second bead at the distance of 1-2 cm from the first one, make the second and third twigs. Always twist in the same direction.

decoration for bride

To fix the leaf, wrap a couple of loops around it.

The next twigs are also started with top beads. Go back from the base of a finished twig at the height of a future twig.


If you're making a diadem, then you need to go back at the distance equal to the height of the next twigs + the distance from the previous one.

To fix the flower on the twig, place one bead under it. I use the second bead as the heart of the flower.


Pass the wire through the flower and beads as in the picture below.

The lower bead is pressed close to the flower and twisted on the wire.

Make the second and third branches the same way, bring them closer, next to each other.

wedding bridal crown

Put the blank on the pin or comb base to fix. The tip of the wire can be hidden by lifting up the nearest twig.

Cut off the remaining end and the ornament is ready!

Here I used the same twigs, they're placed at the distance about 1-2 cm:

That's all for today! Wish you good luck and much inspiration :)

Kate Idoll

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