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A Cat on the Mat: Learning to Paint Porcelain Mugs

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Practices:   Ceramics
Decorative Painting
Difficulty:   Medium
Time:   3 hours

Many of our followers ask how to paint porcelain.

So, here' s a short DIY.

1. Buy a mug. Mix black ceramic turpentine paint with turpentine oil.

master class, tea favor

Paint the outline with a pen.

a master class photo, handmade

2 Fire the outline. Put the mug in the muffler, fire at the temperature of 800 degrees.

master the cash register step , cats

3.After firing, continue painting with other ceramic paints, use a brush.

porcelain, cat pictures

hand painted

4. The second firing is done at 800 C.


5.Apply white polka dots on the curtains with the pen.


mug porcelain

6. Make a gold inking around the edge.

the author's work

7. And put in the muffler for the last firing.

The porcelain mug Cats on the Mat is ready to use!

mugs porcelain

farforovy dishes

Livemaster - handmade
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