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Leather flowers. Decoration brooch barrette VIOLET MAGIC purple color

  • Made to order  Exact replica can't be made
  • Production time: 4-7 days
  • Materials:  Italian leather, beads swarovski
  • Size: 10-14cm
Дождались! Книга Роза уже в пути!!!!!!!!!! Блог.
Elegant flower genuine leather purple color – a versatile women's accessory. They can effectively decorate your hair, hat, dress, coat, scarf, bag ,belt or wrist. Copyright handmade jewelry will be elegant accent in Your custom way would definitely conquer all around You men.

"DAY JOB" 06.12.2011 years.

Possible any color (red, white, purple,yellow,black, blue, green, beige, blue, pink, orange, purple, beige)
any size, mounting option (brooch, barrette,comb, scrunchy, hair band, hair Hoop,hairpin,brooch, brooches for shoes,sandals,, jewelry,bracelet for leg, necklace,ring, interior bouquet)

Even brooches, hair clips made of leather, suede, brooches barrettes out of silk :

Hair accessories, decoration in the hair -hair band,headband with flowers:

Decoration of leather for shoes-clip-on earrings with flowers made of leather and suede shoes, sandals,boots :

Jewelry made of leather - womens leather bracelet with flowers leather and suede:
How to keep
A very neat relationship - avoid high humidity, not be worn under outer clothing!
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