Brooches are things that make your look individual and unique. They are one of the earliest jewelries vere. You may cherish their design or even wish to purchase, but a question arises, ‘How to wear them?’. So, here is some advice.

  • Mix new things with old, for example, minimalistic neon dresses with vintage brooches pins.
  • Think twice where to pin. It is recommended to wear brooches over the bust from left or right side — ladies from high society prefer the first option. Don’t pin them in the center of a top unless you are going to adorn a collar of a shirt.
  • Blazers love them. Practically any jacket has a lapel with a perfect spot for such accessory.
  • Bags you can fall in love with once again. Old and good quality handbags — your favourite ones — are looking forward to be refreshed, so a bright accent like a brooch is exactly what they need!
  • You might have heard of brooch bouquets. That is a great idea for interior, a way to keep broches or a special piece of wedding jewelry.

Keep this info in mind to be sure what you want to wear a brooch with and boldly buy it.