Create Bright Sneakers! DIY Project on Painting Your Shoes

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Create Bright Sneakers! DIY Project on Painting Your Shoes | Livemaster - handmade

Grey winter weekdays passed. The soul needs the spring, flowers and bright colours! Urgent updated closet, create a spring mood and draw bright colours on sneakers in Gzhel painting style!
To create a masterpiece, you need:
1. White sneakers 
2. Acrylic paint for fabric
3. Brushes
4. Pencil
5. Eraser
6. A glass of water
7. A piece of cloth
8. Hairdryer

sneakers with painting, painting on fabric

I used a traditional Russian pattern — Gzhel rose. You can choose any other.

sneakers with a picture, decor clothing

painted sneakers, update

Transfer the pattern.

painted t-shirts, their hands

Apply the first layer of paint:

the pattern on the shirt, white blue

Make shades or line contours:

paint on fabric, flowers 2018

Draw elements step by step:


the pattern on the fabric


master class

Ready! your usual shoes have blossomed with bright colours!

flowers bloom

Let the paint dry for two hours, then take the hairdryer and fix the paint with hot air holding the hairdryer over each part of the pattern for 3 minutes. 
Voila! Enjoy the result!

You can also paint a t-shirt :)


Useful tips:

1. For a better result, use acrylic paint marked as 'textile'.

2. It is desirable to use a hard graphite pencil.

3. It's convenient to use disposable plastic plates as a palette :)

4. Paint behaves itself a bit differently on fabric than on paper. So try it on fabric before painting on fabric.

5. If you make a mistake when painting, don't try to remove the spot. Turn it into a butterfly or flower.

6. Don't be afraid! You will succeed! Regardless of your drawing skills, your shoes will be unique! This is important!

Wish you good luck!

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