Amazing Literary Dresses by French Designer Sylvie Facon

Amazing Literary Dresses by French Designer Sylvie Facon | Livemaster - handmade

Talented French fashion designer Sylvie Facon makes wedding and evening dresses to order. She lives in the small town of Arras in Northern France and, at leisure, creates unique, artistic and extraordinary dresses inspired by historic buildings, cities, books, music and forest images. She sews dresses from gorgeous fabrics with such attention to details that they can adorn any catwalk. Her works look more like paintings by professional artists. Each dress is a mysterious story worthy of any Disney Princess.

Sylvie Facon is not just sewing dresses looking like books or violins — she really uses different parts of musical instruments. One of the models in the steampunk style was created in collaboration with her friend, costume designer Morgan E. Grotendonker. To create a fabulous dress from the book roots like this below, she needed 250 hours and 40 meters of fabric:

sylvie facon

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