A Love Affair with Clay: Bright Pottery by Charity Hofert
  • Category: Ideas & Inspiration
  • Practices: Ceramics

I really like the idea of enjoying every minute of life, so functional and beautiful things come in handy. Works by the heroine of my today's post serve that purpose.

Charity Hofert — a housewife, mother of two beautiful children and a part-time ceramist :) This part time business started with an art degree and the natural talent of the author. The combination of interesting textures, simple shapes and pure colours makes these little things very pleasant for daily use. For more than fifteen years, Charity has been manually carving patterns in her products, and recently she decided to help those who wish to join the world of creativity and produces textured sheets with patterns for ceramics.

Let's have a look at these striking and functional pieces that may decorate any home and make our world a more beautiful place!





bright colors



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