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How to Assemble a Textile Brooch, or What Is Inside

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Practices:   Handmade Jewellery
Handmade Jewellery > Jewellery Assembling
Difficulty:   Easy
Time:   1 hour

All craftsmen have their own secrets. Here's one I share with you.

You need:

- an embroidery, glued on fusible webbing 
- thick felt
- plastic for the base
- brooch pin 
- lace, cord or beads for decoration
- thread, scissors, needle
- glue gun

the assembly of jewelry

So, we begin...

Cut out the embroidery with an allowance of 2-3 cm, and 2 felt details.

assembling brooches

Glue plastic and felt with the glue gun.

how to assemble a brooch

Tighten the edges of the embroidery and insert the base.

textile brooch

Stitch all well from the back side to avoid creases on the right side.

embroidery ribbons

Sew or glue the decorations.

And glue felt with thw pin.

Voila! The brooch is assembled. By the way, it is available in my shop. Welcome!

Sincerely yours,
Anna M.

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