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A Simple Secret How to Curl Doll's Hair

10.10.2017 9:15     Views: 85     Comments: 0     
Practices:   Dolls & Toys > Waldorf Toy
Difficulty:   Very easy
Time:   1 hour

My customers very often ask me how I curl my doll's hair.

So I decided to show this simple process in photos:

waldorf doll, baby dolls

First, comb doll's hair well and divide it into four equal strands: at the top of the head, two strands on each side, and one strand on the back of the head. Then braid hair very tightly. The ends of the braids are rolled and tied.

waldorf toy, dolls for games

Wet the braids.

doll hair, dolls for children

Put the doll on a towel and let it dry.

hair for dolls, wavy hair

When the braids are dry inside, undo them.

curls, curly hair

And then gently comb!

doll, hairstyles for dolls

And here's our curly girl :)

Any publication of this tutorial is made only with my written permission.


Natalia Lebedeva

TATA Workshop 

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