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Mystical Tranquillity of Russian Nature in Paintings by Great Isaac Levitan

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Practices:   Painting & Drawing

Today I offer you to admire the beauty of the Russian nature through the eyes of the great Russian artist, Isaak Levitan. As the exact number of works created by him is unknown, it's impossible to fit them all in one post. I would like to share only those that are especially close to my heart... and touch me.


The Smoke on Water, 1895


The Village. Winter

World famous writer A. P. Chekhov said about it: 'Oh, if only I had money, I would have bought Levitan's Village — greyish, miserable, lost, ugly, but with an unspeakable air of charm you can't break away from: I could look and look at it...'


The Golden Autumn. Slobodka, 1889

russian beauty


The Autumn Landscape, 1880


Twilight. The moon



The Autumn Day, Sokolniki





Before the Storm

oil painting


The Sunny Day. Spring, 1876-1877

painting with your hands


Spring — the Great Water, 1897



The Birch Grove, 1885-1889

isaac levitan


The Bird Cherry



The Cottage at Twilight, 1895

исаак левитан


Twilight, 1900


The Ferns near Water, 1895


The Castle. Twilight, 1898


Some wonderful watercolours:


 And finally, The Eternal Rest, the most Russian landscape of all ever created:

I hope you've been moved with the true art.

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