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Incredible Dolls' Headgears by Marina Bychkova

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Incredible Dolls' Headgears by Marina Bychkova | Livemaster - handmade

Making dolls, creating images and unique dresses is a true art. Marina Bychkova understood this when she was just a girl and started making dolls at 6. At the age of 14, she immigrated to Canada with her family where she finished a Vancouver school at 2001 and graduated from ECIAD. then her works took part in 26 international exhibitions. And now Marina Bychkova is the founder of The Enchanted Doll brand.

Her unique style of painting was called Vasnetsov or Vrubel-like. A lot of time is spent on creation of outfits and accessories. The steps are performed manually. Your imagination is especially captivated with headgears: floral wreaths, medieval genins or ancient headdresses, royal golden crowns, Eastern turbans. Embroidered with beads and sequins, embellished with stones, crystals and flowers, covered with enamel, they are remarkable and look absolutely incredible.

Only work on clothes and accessories takes about 340 hours. Marina gives a good piece of advice to those who also want to learn how to embroider with crystals and beads in the same technique: you should not spare money on high quality materials and buy large seed beads, and then everything will look great!



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