16 Proofs That You Found Yourself in Handmade

All creators are unique, but there is something that unites us. We have created a series of illustrations with irrefutable facts in which you'll probably recognize yourself.

This post is based on true stories and can cause an acute attack of laughter, uncontrollable mood increase and smile hardly concealed from others!


Freezer paper is more suitable for appliques than for deep freeze


I need more friends and loved ones


Yep, and for new friends, too

fair masters

And in two minutes I know what materials I lack to repeat it


And his eyes colour — 319 on DMC...

And a little in my hand bag. Well, it's just called 'a little'...

Good thing it doesn't last long

Unless it's important like the second order

To sleep not four hours, but five!

The second life — it's so interesting!

If there really were 30 hours a day, maybe I would be bored a little :)

And immediately ask to put something on layaway until an advance


I need a bigger apartment!

I need a bigger hard drive!!

And I love January 5, too

Sometimes = every weekend. And holidays. And festive days. And summer

I hope we've cheered you up! Write in comments what other fun things are common to all craftswomen for us to make the second part of the article :)

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