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Simple DIY: Dot Painting of Kitchen Jars

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Practices:   Decorating > Decorative Painting
Decorative Painting > Point to Point
Difficulty:   Very easy
Time:   2 hours

Take a kitchen jar for dry products. Mine have beautiful, rich colours, which in itself plays an important role in painting.

  1. Degrease the surface using a cotton pad and rubbing alcohol, allow to dry completely.cooking capacity
  2. Draw the outlines with a white pencil. painted kitchen utensils

3. Apply main lines with a bright silver contour. Leave to dry completely. painted peak

4. Begin to add color. Emphasize the main outlines of the picture.

dot painting

5. Add contrasting colors. point-to-point

6. Combine the backgrounds adding equal elements like dots on the backgrounds. point-to-point training

7. Paint the lids in the same style.

8. After drying, carefully erase the pencil markings with a damp cloth or eraser.

9. Cover the jars with acrylic paint in 2-3 layers.

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