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The Most Fashionable Color of 2017 and What It Is Combined With

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I'm coming to you today with a helpful article! The Pantone Сolor Institute chose the main color of 2017 — it is a life-affirming Greenery, the color of fresh leaves. The official statement says that this color symbolizes hope and the connection of humanity with nature, which is now especially important.

I picked up a few inspiring collages that illustrate how to use this color in clothing, interior, textures and generally in the living space.

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The company offers several Pantone palettes with shades that blend well with The Color of the Year.

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The full list of ten colors 2017:

1. Primrose Yellow.

2. Pale Dogwood.

3. Hazelnut.

4. Island Paradise.

5. Greenery.

6. Flame.

7. Pink Yarrow.

8. Niagara.

9. Kale.

10. Lapis Blue.

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Thank you for your attention! I hope the information was helpful. :)

Best wishes,

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