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Painting Space on Ceramics with Acrylic

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Practices:   Ceramics
Decorative Painting
Difficulty:   Very easy
Time:   1 hour
Painting Space on Ceramics with Acrylic | Livemaster - handmade

Usually, space is painted with watercolour, because it is really very easy: colours are mixed on their own without much effort. But what if one paints ceramics, wood and many other materials that simply absorb watercolour, leaving only pale traces. Then one needs to use acrylic paints. Though acrylic and watercolor have very different properties, this problem still can be overcome. In this tutorial I will show you how to do it :)

You need:

  • acrylic paints: black, blue, purple, pink, turquoise and white
  • ceramic teapot
  • spray with water
  • sponges of different sizes
  • round brush (synthetic)
  • mat varnish


Paint the main part of the blank the darkest colour with a sponge (mine was black). Apply the paint randomly.


Then you add turquoise, purple, pink and blue filling the surface of the kettle. The sponge should be dry, and if the colours are mixing on it  — it is only a benefit.

painting on ceramics

While the paint is still wet, proceed to the main step of the work: the conversion of acrylic into watercolor. Spray water on the blank untill you see the light colour of ceramic. If you paint on a different surface, you can prime it. 

painted acrylic

Alternate spraying and painting to cover the entire surface of the space kettle. By the way, a great idea is to paint plates using the same technique. )

for beginners

Almost ready! The only thing the galaxy's missing is the stars. For that, dilute white acrylic to the state of liquid sour cream (the paint should not be too thick).

Tapping the bruch against the pencil, see the acrylic scattering the kettle with little stars. Apply a few rays, cover the surface with varnish, and voila!

Our alien set is ready!

I hope my first DIY will be useful for you :)
Wish you good luck, creative inspiration and thank you for your attention!

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