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33 Accent Chairs, or The Secrets of a Spectacular Interior

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We finished the repairs a month ago. Make white floor and walls in order to use the background for combining vintage and high-tech, Soviet chairs and a buffet — very convenient. The walls were decorated with bright watercolours, but it was not enough. It became clear that the table from the 50s in the center of the room clearly lacked juicy details. I was looking for chairs for my guests right then, and here they are — the chairs of my dream!

I didn't have a slightest idea of the existence of such furniture. A name like 'accent chairs' would really suit it because it's rich in bright embroidery, fancy ornaments, quilt motifs and many other things.

For example, here typical Mexican patterns are used:








Just look at this juicy embroidery!



Here's something for classical form lovers:


Aw, a palm!


Add some graphics for a change:


And these are chairs with high hairiness, they are certainly great to cozy up on:


Enjoy velvet and felt:


And now the ubiquitous patchwork:


One could seat a real artist in a chair with a gorgeous Frida Kahlo print:

A very nice puff embroidered with fuchsia. Will excelllently fit a hallway:

And signor sofas:

I hope you've picked up something for yourself. Love colour and don't be afraid to experiment!

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