A DIY Spring Flowers Wreath, or the Second Life of Nail Polish

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time: 2 days
  • Materials: wire, tape
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How to decorate a hairstyle for a celebration, prom or wedding? The answer is easy - flowers! To make this wreath one needs to have a little patience!

spring 2013

handmade flowers

I would also like to express my gratitude to my ideological inspirer - Valerie Starostenko!

 You need:

- wire of 0.2-0.4 mm

- nail polishes of different colours

- tape

- scissors

- round-nose pliers

- ball-point pens with bases of different diameters

- container of rice, or a piece of clay or a piece of foam




Make the frame for flowers. Cut the wire into pieces of 20-30 cm long, 30-40 segments. Using the base of the handle or brush, shape the petals winding a wire around the base again and again making 2-4 loops. Twist hard, otherwise the form will ruin, but not too tight - the wire may break.


decorating with flowers

jewelry wire

You can make three, four or five petals. I use two brushes with the base of different diameters, the smaller and bigger petals.

This is what happens in the beginning:



Then bend the petals:

spring-summer 2013

In the end you should get such graceful blanks:


And now the most interesting and troublesome! First, lay a sheet of paper on the working surface to save it from drops. Second, take the bowl of rice or a piece of clay to stick the flowers to dry.

Pick much polish with the brush and stretch it on the frame with the first layer. The bigger the brush and the smaller the diameter of the petal, the easier it is.





Plant our flowers in a bowl with rice to dry)

The second layer is applied in about 30 minutes, and the third one, too. Even the fourth layer for strength. Leave to dry overnight.

But don't forget, in spite of three or four coats of varnish, they are still very fragile.

Now you can do whatever you want, I decided to make a wreath for hair. The number of flowers for my wreath was 37.

Now you need to twist the wires of each flower, hold the flower with pliers at the base and twist with the hand:

Cut the tape into thin strips. Or do without them.

Wrap each stem with the tape.

Make the frame for the wreaths. Cut a piece of 0.4 mm wire, bend it, make a loop and twist it.

The frame is also wrapped with the tape:

Now cut a long piece of the tape, the width about 5 mm and randomly fasten the flowers to the frame. Here you can demonstrate your creative imagination:

It is attached to hair with ribbons that need to be passed through the loops of the frame. That's all!

I wish you all good luck! And always be beautiful!

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