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Christmas card

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Here is a tutorial about how to create an endless card for New Year. It is endless because it can be endlessly opened, well, until you get bored :) The design can be any, I didn't photograph the step by step process of decorating, because it is an individual choice. And the basis, the card ...
In this tutorial we will make a New Year card with a pig — the symbol of the coming 2019. At the end of the article I'll show a few ideas of other cards, so you could be inspired by something, and make a postcard by yourself for your loved ones. The postcard with a pig is easy to make, it can ...
A wonderful Christmas postcard of paper with a lovely Christmas tree inside. It is very simple! The tree is made of regular colored paper with accordion folds. It looks very impressive :)A perfect gift for New Year! Materials: - a sheet of thick colored paper; - a sheet of thin colored paper; - a ...

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