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Today I want to tell you how you can simply, quickly and stylishly draw Sakura flowers with water colors. Drawing is in a sketch technique, that is a quick drawing. Let's begin... For the sketch, you need watercolor paper, watercolors and acrylic or gouache paints and a thin black marker or ...
On March 20, the Cherry Blossom Season has officially opened in Japan. "Hanami", a traditional admiring of flowering trees, begins with the first blossoming plum or cherry flower and lasts only 7-10 days until the petals fall. Favorable temperature for cherry and plum blossom starts from ...
The DIY is suitable for beginners and for those who work with foam when you need to quickly make flowers :) Materials and tools: - punchers - super-glue - toothpick - white and green foam - wire - tape   Cut flowers. I use a puncher: Cut out what is painted with scissors. Stretch the petals and ...

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