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Winter decor

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Christmas tree garlands are beautiful winter decorations, perfect for holidays. Homemade garlands are unique, elegant and beautiful decorations for home, giving a chic touch to the holiday decor.  They create attractive color accents for holiday decor and bring gorgeous textures and ...
We want to share the simplest idea of candle decoration with materials at hand. We made these decoration for our friends` wedding, but the decor is great for any holiday — New year, March 8, or candlelight dinner at home! To do it, we will need the following: 1) tea candles (I bought candles in Ikea ...
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Materials: 1. Flock or velvet powder. 2. Acrylic lacquer on a water basis, or white glue, or glue. 3. Alcohol (for degreasing the surface) Tools: 1. Thin brushes. 2. A cotton bud. 3. A toothpick. 4. A sheet of paper. Fix a fully finished brooch in an upright position. Put a sheet of paper under the ...

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