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Leather decoration

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Physalis always reminds me of the summer warmth and bright autumn colors. Many of us like its red-orange lanterns because they miraculously persist for a long time on the branches, without losing their shape and color. There is a simple but beautiful Chinese legend about this plant.& ...
My tutorial is for those who work with leather and not only. I make jewellery of leather. There are many leftouts. I want to tell you how I get rid of them. Here are the leftouts. I have decided to decorate a bottle this time. I have chosen brown leftouts of different shades. For work, you will ...
I love hand stitching. They always make things warm, personal, special. Today I want to tell you how to make a neat hand stitch on leather, because leather remembers each puncture and doesn't forget errors. You need: needle roller tailor's chalk awl and, in fact, a piece of leather that ...

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