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Ideas for knitting

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I am going to talk about vests again! :) They are wonderful, appropriate for any season and in any weather.  Fashion makes its own adjustments to their design and because of this, vests are always a versatile piece of clothing, so depending on style, color and technique, it can be a basic ...
Intarsia. What is it? This is a multi-color knitting technique, which makes it possible to bring the most fantastic, extraordinary and bold ideas to life, to create whole paintings and still lives, incredible floral arrangements and complex geometry. This knitting is for romantics, skeptics ...
01.09.2017 13:44  |  
Today I want to present you a selection of ochre inspiration. Unfortunately, this color is rarely found on the streets, but it's so beautiful, so cheerful and bright! This color, of course, is not suitable for everyone, but it is easily combined with other shades like dark green or beige, dark ...

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