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I would like to share a video tutorial on how to draw a winter landscape in a limited color set.   Materials:   dry pastel; pastel pencils; charcoal;  coal; pastel paper Canson Mi-Teintes or craft paper. As a basis I took a pastel paper Canson Mi-Teintes, but you can take a usual kraft paper!In ...
You need:  ordinary waterproof sandpaper, grit 1000 Rembrandt crayon set of 120 pieces Note: Don't spray fixatives on sandpaper after the work is done. Sandpaper can't work with it and is covered with stains, the colours change.  So I don't fix sketches! P.S. Pastel's afraid of ...
I love working with dry pastels on sandpaper. Dry pastel is of 3 types: * hard,* soft,* super soft.Sandpaper is sold by different granularity. The higher the number — the finer the grain. That is, paper of 800-, 1000-, 1200-grit is very pleasing to the touch and perfectly keeps layers of pastel. Not ...
Today I'm depicting an early spring landscape with a melting snow and the setting sun hiding behind the branches of pine trees.So, begin to study. Take sandpaper with grit 1000 (water-resistant). Mark a  sketch with a pastel pencil of a neutral colour. Don't use graphite or coloured ...
The symbol 2018 is the Dog. So I suggest we draw such a positive lovely puppy — Welsh Corgi. You need: ordinary waterproof sandpaper, grit 1000 Rembrandt crayon set of 120 halves Note: Don't spray fixatives on sandpaper after the work is done. Sandpaper can't stand it and covers with ...
Hi, friends! Summer is gone... The bright sun and warm days are being replaced by cool and rainy autumn... But you can store a piece of summer like me — draw a warm wildflowers picture with crayons. This painting requires many details and quite much attention. And here is a photo:   Materials that ...

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