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We learned how they make paper and brushes for painting and calligraphy in China. Now it's time to talk about ink, because according to the treatises on painting it is the blood of images. The main ingredient of Chinese ink is soot. To get 10 pounds of wood soot one have to burn 400 pounds of ...
Chinese craftsmen believe that a brush connects heaven and people. In the moment of creating a painting or a calligraphy work it becomes a conductor for energy, to which the artist connects if he is ready and is in the correct state of mind. Therefore, the brush is not just an operational tool, it ...
I want to share with you the technique of creating a one-size wire snake ring. The snake turns out quite unusual, it looks interesting and anyone can make it with own hands from a wire. So, you need: copper wire, diameter 1,3 / 0,8 / 0,3 mm a bead — stone or any other 4 copper beads, diameter 2 and ...

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