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As you know, our ancestors used a cross stitch to decorate outfits. No matter whether this was holiday or casual clothes — patterns were always graceful and attractive. Today, famous designers and popular brands also offer clothes and accessories embroidered with bright patterns turning them into a ...
'Oh, how pretty these clumsy black-and-white bears are!', exclame those who personally see them in zoos, books or on screens. Any accessory, item of clothing, decoration or gadget with an image of panda makes its owner stylish and at least a nature lover. Panda pattern is also very ...
This topic seems to be always relevant — giving a new life to old things. It is impossible to throw away shabby things sometimes, and a few lucky ones acquire the second life in capable hands. I want to share a short but inspiring photo gallery filled with warmth, comfort and nostalgia. ...
Reading a book is like a tea ceremony with its peculiar traditions; the ceremonies may be wonderfully combined if you like doing two things at the same time. Of course, you can read on the subway, use e-books or listen to them. But nothing is compared to a cozy chair with a warm blanket, soft light ...
I've been long thinking that we all are too different to make the same choice. Nowadays, many people prefer a more laconic style for their homes, without additional details, minimalism. Probably, such houses are maintained simpler, kept clean. But I like when an interior you spend most of your ...
My friend has finally completed her family last week! Puzzled with a gift idea, I decided to escape from rushing into malls and make it a present with my own hands. It was important to make the gift useful and quickly. Now I want to share a list of wonderful ideas that inspired me. Most of them are ...
When looking at these amazing things from so-called giant yarn, I constantly find myself thinking about a cozy dollhouse or Alice who was lucky to visit Wonderland. But it's up to you to create a fairy-tale with your own hands! At first, it may seem that such crocheted things are heavy and made ...
These characters have won many hearts all around the world! And go on winning. They're tiny, fluffy, with little beady eyes, funny and touching — they are mice found on the pages of children's books, greeting cards, wall calendars and souvenirs. Each has its own character, history and ...
It is impossible to imagine our world without books. As a Russian proverb says, 'living with a book — learning no grief for a century'. And now books become very stylish accessories and inspire designers to create amazing things. So, have a look at them, I hope you'll be surprised :) ...

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