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Sculpting a great decoration for garden or country house. This pot will decorate your site perfectly and serve you many years!     For work you will need: sand, cement, PVA glue, acrylic paints, varnish. Mix 3 parts of sand and 1 part of cement, add water. The solution should get ...
Making flower pot from a plastic bucket is the most affordable and economic way. The idea is very simple and unusual!I use superelastic putty for internal work on the basis of glue or PVA glue. Putty pattern looks really interesting, and the process is simply fascinating! You will need: bucket, ...
We all love to eat cakes, and they are sold in very beautiful boxes! You can make a beautiful flowerpot from the cover! The idea is simple! You need to mix 2 part of cement and 1 part of sand, add water and pour into the form.When the solution thickens (after 2-3 hours), gently pull out the inner ...
In this video I will show you how to make a pot in the form of a box on moving wheels. This item can be used not only for flowers, but also for sweets, salt shakers, pencils and similar things. In my work I used different types of paper: cardboard, paper towels, newspapers and wooden skewers. ...
I have made a flower pot of a plastic bucket. This is a great idea to decorate your windowsill at home. The pot can be done very simply and does not require expensive materials. In this flower pot, you can safely plant flowers. You will need:* plastic bucket;• bandage:• PVA glue;• hot glue;* ...
For the work I used: necessary plastic jar, tile glue or simply cement+sand (in a ratio 1:2 or 1:3), acrylic paints, acrylic varnish, guipure. It is better to use volume guipure, so the texture pattern on the concrete will be more expressive. Do not forget to pull out the middle in 2-3 hours, ...
In this video I will show you how to make handmade papier-mache flower pots easily. In addition to paper mass, you will need acrylic paints. I made the mass of toilet paper and PVA glue. In the next video I will show how to make a mass smooth without a blender. Plastic bottles that I used as a base ...
Watch the video about how to make a creative flower pot. Flower pots can be very different, and today I made a truck pot. It's a great idea that will decorate your windowsill. To make this flower pot you will need:• a box of butter or cheese;• skewers;• hot melt glue;• a newspaper;• white glue ...
Original flowerpots are loyal assistants! Their design may be extremely various, for example: cute garden dwellers, marine animals, characters from fairy tales and African fauna, modern compositions and mysterious dinosaurs. Among many shapes, everyone can find his own pot and breath in life into it ...
Flowers are always beautiful, especially when the pots match them. Here are 15 ways that will help you to transform your favorite flowers for an interior. 1. Pots can be painted this way.   2. Or turned into anything, like strawberries. 3. Apply a pot the shape you want using self fusing clay.  ...

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