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Today I want to share a few photos of unusual aerial jewellery created by Nora Fok, a popular in Europe and America artist. Nora creates her sculptural creations from the finest pigmented nylon monofilament, as well as from a hybrid of linen and nylon monofilaments. All her works are made by hand, ...
Modern jewelry designers can rarely impress me with their skills and ingenuity. I present to you the works of those who succeeded. Today I will tell you about one of such contemporary designers — House of Malakai. I think it will be very interesting for you too. The House of Malakai founder ...
The Dusty Rose colour has many shades. The simplest way to get them is to mix pink and grey. And if you add other colours to make it brighter or deeper, you get a variety of shades to suit any taste. See many options on how to decorate any interior with a colour of this year below. ...
Alexandra Davidovna Lukashevker (1925-1992) studied at the Stroganov Art School in Moscow. During her lifetime, she was revered by a narrow circle of experienced people, well-known artists and art critics, and only some years later after she passed away her works found their place in the exposition ...
Karim Rashid is a famous American designer, writer, lecturer at universities and conferences, participant of numerous joint exhibitions, professor of Art University in Philadelphia and a star of a TV show. His works are in permanent collections of 15 major museums around the world. The style ...
Liebo is a popular Chinese brand of fashionable clothes. It was founded in 2006 and is now one of the largest Chinese clothing brands known around the world. It refers to youth fashion with such features like bright colours, influence of Boho chic, ethnic motifs, whimsikal patterns and embroidery. ...
I want to share with you a piece of warm inspiration from Stephanie Fizer Coleman. The self-taught artist has created her own style. She's from beautiful and mysterious West Virginia, the USA. She says she was lucky to grow up in the countryside, among mountain rivers and lush forests, just a ...
TOTON — an Indonesian brand, a brainchild of fashion designer Toton Januar. TOTON is based in Jakarta. The main concept of the brand can be expressed as a combination of modernity and tradition, exotic, which you can wear, avant-garde, something urban combined with folk, even with ceremonial ...

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