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Through the pages of history.During excavations archaeologists find these pieces of jewelry everywhere, regardless of geography and era.The tradition of wearing earrings originated from primitive people, they pierced ears with sharp thin curved bones, which were in the form of jewelry.The tradition ...
I want to show you this interesting and practical accessory, "sweet bags" or scented bags. These handbags were not only an optional accessory, but also a necessary thing in the life of rich people of 16-17 centuries. As you know, the clothes of 16-17 centuries was distinct in its splendor, ...
White embroidery, also called a satin stitch, appeared in the 18th century and is made on white mesh canvas. King Stanislaw Le contributed to the development of the embroidery ateliers in the French town of Luneville. Luneville was a cultural center of the Lorraine region in the 17th century. This ...
Elie Saab was born in Lebanon and, from early childhood, was into sewing women's dresses. At 18 he opened his first atelier in Beirut and created the first collection. His reputation quickly spread beyond Lebanon, and Elie showed a collection in Rome for the first time in 1997; in 2000, he ...
Recently, I paid attention to a lady in a painting holding an animal or a toy in her right hand... And I decided to look for info. Hope it will be interesting not only to me. That is a flea catcher! In the Middle ages, the Catholic Church exterminated all cats considering them as companions of ...
The evolution of children's fashion is no less interesting than the history of clothes for adults. From the 1770s until the end of the 19th century, little kids wore long dresses regardless of gender. Such outfit was considered to be comfortable and warm. In addition, the proponents of morality ...
For example, the dresses of Empress Elisabeth of Bavaria (Sisi). According to the rules of Spanish etiquette (which was taken in the 16th century and preserved at the Vienna court until the 19th century), the Empress wore evening and festive dresses only once. Elizabeth Of Austria. Portrait by ...
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I want to share with you what I've found on the Internet about the king of fabrics — velvet. I will not tell the story of velvet, and I suggest simply to admire the works of the most famous tailors and fashion designers of different times. I'm grateful to those whose hands created these ...

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