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I don't know about you, but over time it is increasingly difficult for me to keep the style and my back straight. I want to spread like a jellyfish in the sun and never feel pressed, rubbed, bumped. If you are not such a weakling as I am, it is possible not to read the next part. And if you ...
Knitted garments are beyond fashion and time, but every season fashion designers contribute their details that give new meaning to such familiar things as sweaters, dresses, cardigans. Clear and concise silhouettes, easy drape and loose style — this is Ralph Lauren. Pastel colors, beige and vintage ...
What fashion trends are wearable, comfortable and beautiful? We want to show some trendy looks related to knitting. That's a pleasure to see that the knitted fashion features regularity. Once born, an idea doesn't disappear or fade away. Having carefully considered available materials, we ...
Mitts.... Yes, mittens, fingerless gloves, knitted sleeves. They are a trendy gizmo in the current fashion season autumn-winter 2017-2018. Fashion shows present a variety of models from classical style to glamorous, avant-garde and exclusive items that emphasize the owner's personality. ...
Fashion is more or less interesting to everyone, regardless of age, fit or profession. Runway fashion, a priori, is considered as 'non-wearable', even among pret-a-porte items. But I placed here some wearable and attractive models — fashionable knitted garments you'll want wearing ...
When looking at these amazing things from so-called giant yarn, I constantly find myself thinking about a cozy dollhouse or Alice who was lucky to visit Wonderland. But it's up to you to create a fairy-tale with your own hands! At first, it may seem that such crocheted things are heavy and made ...
We are waiting for midday summer heat, light warm breeze, chirping of grasshoppers in meadow grass, ripe antonovka apples on branches with droplets of morning dew. Sometimes, it's hot, stuffy, dusty in the summer; a week of sweltering heat is replaced by a week of cold winds and heavy rains, ...
I am charmed by this man! An American from Baltimore, Sam Barsky, has knitted 103 sweaters (this fact alone is worthy of respect!) and depicted on them the places he's visited since 1999. This gentleman's been crocheting for 18 years, and, as judged from photos, the items are of high ...
Vanessa Montoro is a talented Brazilian designer. She was a writer and performer, a model, a promoter for her own works. Her talent, hard work and PR finally did the trick. Vanessa Montoro is a brand with an expensive shop (well, as far as I can see it, much money were invested). The cost of a dress ...

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