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Spring has finally come and we can lean back in the chair and explore major color trends: Spring / Summer 2019. Pastel shades reign alongside with rich, warm colors that actually seem a bit autumn-like. Maybe we're not quite ready for spring? Mango, Mojito, Toffee in dark shades give us the ...
One of the today's avant-garde fashion representatives is wonderful fashion designer Nana Aganovich.    Nana works in tandem with her husband Brooke Taylor and they together represent the Aganovich brand. We can say that their brand was born from their love! Nana was born in Belgrade and grew ...
Hella Jongerius is a Dutch designer working with porcelain and summarizing the impact of traditional and modern techniques and knowledge. Her main unchanged principle — an everyday experiment. Wood, neoprene, polyurethane, ceramic, glass — all these materials together create unexpected combinations ...
It seems like a true era of embroidery has come. Floss and beads haven't caused such a resonance and the storm of emotions for ages! Embroidered surface is now wanted everywhere: on a bedroom wall framed with a wooden hoop, on the flap of a handbag, on shoes and hats, brooches and earrings. The ...
Elie Saab was born in Lebanon and, from early childhood, was into sewing women's dresses. At 18 he opened his first atelier in Beirut and created the first collection. His reputation quickly spread beyond Lebanon, and Elie showed a collection in Rome for the first time in 1997; in 2000, he ...
Karim Rashid is a famous American designer, writer, lecturer at universities and conferences, participant of numerous joint exhibitions, professor of Art University in Philadelphia and a star of a TV show. His works are in permanent collections of 15 major museums around the world. The style ...
India is a very beautiful, magical, unique and mysterious country! At first glance, it seems frozen in its ancient history and nothing is changing! However, it is not so. Recently, India always represents its designers and their collections on the world podiums, and every season holds its own Indian ...

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