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I don't know how to wear a brooch! I often hear it from my friends and see similar comments on the Internet, that is especially connected with embroidered brooches. We all want to be trendy and not to look funny, so if you do not know how and with what a brooch should be worn, there are several ...
Slip collar is a great way to set the mood and easily transform your outfit. This item is good for parties and photo shoots, and even for school. Materials: fabric for the base 25х50 cm scraps of fabric with different patterns 12.5x12.5 cm satin ribbon width 5mm, 1.20 cm decorative button beads ...
04.07.2018 12:08  |  
In this tutorial, I want to show you how to realize your creative ideas. If you want to paint cotton gym shoes, take: textile white sneakers paint on silk (I took the 7 colours) black textile marker brush water   Remove the laces and set aside and wet the surface with the tongue: Apply colour ...
This spring-summer season has many trends in accessories, pendants and chunky chains, multilayered and complex or barely noticeable. If you're a fan of strict and business style, prefer thin, delicate chains with a small pendant that should be almost up to your waist.   Pay attention to large ...
It's autumn in the air! Torrential rains, gale-force northerly winds blowing off doves from branches of trees and trees blown down in parks and gardens, heavy clouds and rare warming sun — but still existing before dull and foggy November days. But agree, that's why there's a desire ...
To be honest, I didn't fell in love with clothes and accessories by Ulyana Sergeenko immediately. But there still was something special in her clothes seen from the first sight — the femininity, grace and elegance of Russian women. Exactly Russian. That's the feature of the brand. And ...
Aigrette is a decoration for hats and evening hairstyles. Recently, I came across a photo of this cute jewelry on the Net and thought, why it does not come back in fashion? And since I love making jewelry for hair, I began to look for information, so here are some historical facts. The fashion for ...
Today I want to tell you about a wonderful woman — Debra Rappaport. This is just on the topic of age, aging and other nonsense that we, women, love refering to :) And Debra is just one of the few women who prove that a woman becomes only better with each year. "When you look good, you feel ...
In this post I want to share a beautiful collection of famous designer Roberto Cavalli presented in a lookbook resort 2017. The main idea of this collection, described by its creator, is: "She is a mountain goddess, and he — a summer traveler" and it's embodied almost all known ...
India is a very beautiful, magical, unique and mysterious country! At first glance, it seems frozen in its ancient history and nothing is changing! However, it is not so. Recently, India always represents its designers and their collections on the world podiums, and every season holds its own Indian ...

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