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Last night I went to visit my friends. It was nearly night, almost 11 p.m., but I decided to walk — fortunately, I live nearby. The city grunted, grumbled, tossed and turned like a disturbed bear in a den, and then breathed out noisily and suddenly calmed down. The streets were empty, just me and a ...
Alexi Lubomirski is one of the most famous British fashion photographers, he specializes mainly in portrait photography. He became famous largely thanks to the work for covers of the American magazine Harper's Bazaar. At the age of 11, Alexis received his first camera as a gift. But the real ...
We all worn a mask of a kitten or a bunny at the Christmas party in our childhood. It turns out that there are animal masks that have become iconic in the fashion world, they are used in photo shoots, theatrical productions, movies, weddings and other important celebrations. Animalesque brand was ...
Photos made by Maria Lipina from Perm are like illustrations to Russian folk tales. In these models you can see the lines of Vasilisa the Beautiful, the Frog princess, Elena the Wise, Princess Nesmeyana and Snow White in Russian version... And among them we see impressing Moscow princesses, ladies ...
Melvin Sokolsky is a talented self-taught photographer born in 1933 in New-York. He never specifically studied photography. At the age of ten, he took a camera for the first time — it belonged to his father — and started practicing. Still very young (21) he was invited to work at Harper's ...
British woman Danielle never misses a single minute to spend time with her beloved baby daughter Sienna. Daniel has devoted her blog called Me and Sienna to these moments filled with love and awe. The young mother is not only pleasing her subscribers with touching stories but also shares tips and ...
In order to sell your items and increase views, you needn't just use beautiful background and add pictures with cool decor. Recently, I desperately began looking for stores that sell small triffles in order to buy that stuff, put it in a drawer and forget for many years. Here I stopped on time ...
Friends, today we make cotton-seed huds of cotton wool and egg packaging. You will be able to use them for home decoration and photo shoots, fix on branches or wire and use in bouquets. Materials: - eggs box - cotton wool - brown acrylic paint - brown thread - needle So, let's begin! ...

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