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Mini-garden is a fairly new hobby of our compatriots. I think that Japanese bonsai art and rock gardens became a prerequisite for creating such compositions. After all, they were the first to think of planting a tree in a tiny flower pot! In this article, I will not write methods and rules for ...
Do you remember how in the old tales the heroes met forest witches, who mastered mushrooms, berries and wisdom? I always wanted to meet such a goblin, so that he amused me with his riddle and pointed out the right way. It is this bright memory of childhood inspired me to create a "forest" ...
A miniature garden is a fairly new hobby. I think its ancestors are Japanese bonsai art and rock gardens. After all, the idea is to plant tiny trees in tiny flower pots. I will not write the methods and rules of creating mini gardens, I only know that you should choose slow growing plants, moss, ...

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