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You need: tailor's marker for fabric thick needle thread the thinnest hook, like #0.6   1. Make the marking:   2. Make punctures with a thick needle:   3. Use the blanket stitch around the edge, see what it looks like from the right and back sides:   4. And pin the cups:   5. Then ...
I offer you a DIY on creating roses from strips of fabric. You need: a strip of cloth (preferably not granular). You can use any braid needle thread (the color of the fabric or transparent) A few photos of what you'll get: I really hope that my DIY will be useful! Wish you creativшен ...
A pincushion is a faithful assistant of a mistresses, the keeper of needles and pins. Many centuries ago, a needle was considered a luxury. So it was treated very carefully. The first pincushions were made of cloth and paper, later from metal, ivory and wood. Now the choice is extremely wide and ...

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