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Master class on batik

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I want to show you how in 6 steps to paint neckerchief out of silk in the cold batik technique. Simple, creative and clear.   Step 1 Take a piece of white silk and stretch it on the frame: Step 2 Transfer the outline of your sketch on the tracing paper with a black marker. Step 3 Pin the sketch ...
I represent you a DIY on painting in the technique of Shibori silk. Materials:  steel plastic silk rope paint brush jar with water a bowl I decided to paint two neckerchiefs on one tube: from satin silk and transparent excelsior. Step 1 Fold a neckerchief and wrap around the tube. Stage 2   ...
15.02.2017 11:23  |  
Today I decided to share with you a DIY. This simple master class will be a pleasant pastime for creativity, and, I hope, the result will not disappoint you! Materials and tools: 1. Natural silk, size of about 25х70 cm. 2. Acrylic paint for silk. 3. Wooden frame. 4. Containers for water and ...

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