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Today I want to share with you one of my sources of inspiration — works by the Latvian artist Linda Brick. On the Internet pages of her social networks she says that her fascination with felting (or wool felting) began 10 years ago. Now she lives in Riga (Latvia) with her family and creates ...
In my personal cuteness ranking felted toys definitely take one of the first places. But have you ever seen that adorable felted... food? :) Today I want to share with you the works of a Japanese artisan called mewfelt. The author admits that she has never thought about connecting her life with ...
I will show you how to work in the technique of dry felting and create a cute little mouse. You need:- New Zealand carded wool for felting- needle for felting- glass beads for the eyes- polymer clay- sponge - glue- scissors Take a piece of wool, roll it: Use the needle to make the border between the ...
I share the process of creating a very charming kitten. Let's not waste precious time and immediately get down to work. Find the following materials: - carded wool: light beige, light brown, brown, very small pieces of sand and white colours - needle for felting #36 which is used for rough and ...
It's spring, the weather is perfect and cats are singing songs at night... And my cats are shining! :) I'll tell you in his DIY about how to make them.   Materials: - combed wool (I used a thin Troitsk wool, Merino 18 micron, too, but I think it's a bit too thin for a lamp) - ...
To decorate your house for Easter and make it spring, bright and warm, I bring to your attention a DIY on felting a cute Easter couple of Bunnies.  These two are 12 cm height. I hope they will adorn your house and create a festive spring mood. You need: 1. Wool of different colors (white and brown ...
Materials and Tools: combed wool tape of 2 colours (yellow, red) pincushion to fix needles needles for felting: coarse #36 and fine star #38 brush for felting eyes Moment Crystal glue brushes for painting dry pastels high gloss varnish for artwork magnet 1. If you work with a combed ...
In this tutorial I want to show you where the feathers of small forest dragons come from) In general, the process of creating a dragon consists of three steps— dry felting of the body base, making feathers and felting these feathers to the dragon. The body of the dragon is just like the bodies of ...
Go! 1) Use white carded wool of 27-32 micron and a #36 needle with a triangular cross-section.2) First make the body, a three dimensional oval with a very dense base.3) Next, felt a ball almost 3 times less than the body.4) Join the body and the head. The ball and the torso should be positioned at ...
I offer you to felt such a cute Bunny, which can be a wonderful gift for your favourite ones for Easter or will be a beautiful addition to the holiday decor of your home. Besides, hares are adored by many, and we can be touched by them all year round :) This DIY is designed for beginners, but maybe ...

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