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15.02.2019 18:35  |  
I am sure you already know that the color of 2019, as of the Pantone Institute, is Living Coral. This "live" color, presented by nature itself, inspires for experiments not only in clothes and accessories, but also in the interior decor.  It is not the first time this color is the color ...
Today I would like to tell you about the beauty of turquoise in the interior. About its esoteric and practical influence.  I'll start with the fact that almost 90% of people on Earth like turquoise shades. How often do we say, sighing: "Oh, the color of the sea!" We especially love ...
So, we continue to publish articles about room zoning with the help of partitions. The first part can be viewed here> >   And now let's talk about a screen. The dictionary gives this definition: a screen is a folding portable partition consisting of frames — doors, covered with ...
The Pantone Color Institute (the research center of the Pantone company with worldwide recognition, a leading source of color information) presented main colors of 2019. In the new year, Pantone offered us a dozen of juicy accents and 4 basic colors.New Year and Christmas feasts are a tradition ...
I would like to share with you ideas of transformation of an apartment or a house with the help of dividing walls. Thinking about dividing walls, Russians at once have an association with a dividing wardrobe in a soviet apartment. I remember the favorite movie "You Are My Only One" with ...
The idea of decorating a balcony has been sitting in my head or a long time. Because a balcony is another full-fledged space where you can not only hang clothes, but also create a whole world. The most romantic balcony in the world: the place where the legend was born — the House of Juliet in Verona ...
Do you remember when we were kids, our parents and grandparents put wool between the window frames, cones, balls, bunnies and ducks on top... I think it's time to decorate windows of our houses with different beautiful things for the holiday, it is December! Yesterday evening, walking past ...
19.12.2018 13:30  |  
Probably all parents (especially moms!) want to create for their child a special children's room. To fill it with warmth and magic, remembering about style and fashion :) There are trends in any field. In this article I decided to collect the main trends in the interior of a child's room. ...
Penguins have a lot of fans among kids and adults!It is impossible not to be touched by these great terrestrial fauna representatives.I admire their strength to stay in a cold climate, their loyalty to each other, their tender offspring care. My publication is dedicated to these wonderful birds, and ...
Writing a publication for our Livemaster is always fun. You see that they are read and discussed, there is an interest. And from the comments to the previous publication this publication was born. Because there is a lot of questions, ideas, dreams, wishes. As you know, dreams are simply obliged at ...
Kitchen is a great place to experiment with color and decor of curtains. Here you can hang curtains with eye-catching bright spots and unusual applications, and fancy ornaments will also look good. First of all, you should like the color scheme of curtains, and based on this it is necessary to ...
Producers use various tricks to increase sales of their products. Some of them are especially exquisite. Meet the floral collection by the English manufacturer of cigarettes, "Kensitas", in the 1930s. There were three sizes of Kensitas silk flowers — one flower of a small size in a pack of ...
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