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March 1 is not only arrival of long-awaited spring! But also an occasion once again to pet your can behind an ear, to treat it with a small fish. Today is a Cat Day in Russia! Clebrate it with wonderful cats on the works of talented artists and photographers. Endre Penovac. He is a Serbian artist, ...
The talented artist and Illustrator Irina Zenyuk lives in Minsk. She draws cats and kitties which are so cool that when you look at them you cheer up and your lips are stretched with a smile. Irina is an architect by education, but she doesn't pursue her profession. She found her calling in ...
For me, the Japanese are still the undisputed gods in arts that require incredible perseverance, patience and many hours of painstaking work. There are many examples and today I want to tell you about one of them. Japanese craftswoman Tomoko Masakage creates miniatures in the 1:12 scale — namely, ...
A colour combination is sometimes the most important criteria when beginning a search of something, I don't know why! Espesially when you're inspired with beautiful pics serving a base for a colour palette. So I decided to share useful colour sets and great muzzles of cats together for ...
The applique may serve to decorate clothes, handbags and other things =^-^=       Materials: 1. Yarn — YarnArt Jeans (50g/160m; cotton / polyacrylic; colour 33) 2. Hook 2 mm 3. Needle with a wide eye 4. Thin needle 5. Dense black thread for embroidery 6. Eyes or beads 7. Transparent glue 8. ...

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