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An easily made coaster! Try it ) Collect grass: Wait until it fades but not overdry. Start sewing! Like this, in a spiral: Make a diameter you need: Fix the end and all is done!  
I represent to your attention a very simple tutorial that, I hope, will appeal to both adults and children. The idea of this DIY — prints of living plants on fabric. You can use different herbs from grocer's or a flower shop.   To create plant imprints on fabric, you need: Different plants (I ...
How often do we admire magnificent flowering gardens? We should do it as often as possible! To relax, get pleasure from the scents and multiple colours. I offer you spectacular compositions that may naturally fit into the overall picture of your suburban area, bring in a sunny mood to everyone ...
Flowers are always beautiful, especially when the pots match them. Here are 15 ways that will help you to transform your favorite flowers for an interior. 1. Pots can be painted this way.   2. Or turned into anything, like strawberries. 3. Apply a pot the shape you want using self fusing clay.  ...
Spring is comming, and immediately I wanted to somehow "bring" it in the interior, so after a little thought, I decided to make a spring wreath used as decoration for Easter, or simply enjoy it all spring at home.  Materials and tools: - branches of trees (willow — they are soft and ...
While all people are storing jam in jars, I store moss:) It is not yummy or eatable, though pretty cute and entertaining. So, first go to the nearest forest or park, take a container, bags and some tools to work with the soil. Gather low-growing plants (I collected mostly moss), stones and all ...

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